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Most Popular Makes of Backhoe Loaders

CASE Backhoe Loaders (4)

Case backhoe loaders are highly popular worldwide - their lay joint claim to inventing the category in 1957 (alongside their greatest competitor in this market, JCB). Already in 2005, Case had made more than half a million backhoe loaders. Models from 2012 met the Tier 4 emission standards and the range extended in 2016 to include “In-Line cylinders” backhoe and “Straight-Loader arm” options. The latest model - the SV Series is Stage V compliant and also introduced a brand new, wider cab with new interiors and console designs.  All three models in the SV range use the same 3.6 litre...

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Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders (6)

It is hard - even for the likes of Caterpillar - to get a foothold in the UK backhoe loader market when it is dominated by JCB. Despite this, there are usually some listings for Caterpillar backhoe loaders for sale here at PlantPages. The machines themselves are assembled right here in Leicestershire and exported all over the world. You can tell a CAT backhoe  from the model numbers easily enough.  They all start with a '4' as in 400 series. Prior to the removal of the 'generation' letters from the end of the model numbers, the last were the 'F' series.  This means that there will never be...

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JCB Backhoe Loaders (68)

JCB are the world's largest manufacturer of backhoe loaders - many are made in the UK, but the company also has a huge backhoe loader factory in India. Inventors of the backhoe loader in the 1950's, JCB have remained the number one choice for site operators in the UK even though they have started to call them 'Excavator Loaders'. The popular 3CX backhoe has been in production for more than 40 years and is still going strong today. Read more about the history and current model lineup below.

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Mecalac Backhoe Loaders (8)

Mecalac Backhoe loaders came about after the acquisition by the French company of the UK business of Terex in 2017. This is why you will see the model numbers are very similar to the earlier Terex models - TLB (Terex Loader Backhoe - the Americans say it back to front). Not overly popular in the UK where JCB rule the backhoe market, there are nonetheless usually a few good examples of used Mecalac backhoe loaders for sale at PlantPages.

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Other Makes of Backhoe Loaders