Kobelco SK135 SR LC Tracked Excavators for Sale (1)

Most Popular Makes of Tracked Excavators

CASE Tracked Excavators (40)

Case crawler excavators have been around since the early 1990s when Case tied up with Japan's Sumitomo who manufactured a range from 7 to 80 tonnes. The turn of the century saw the CX range launched - the B-Series (note the 'B' at the end of the model numbering) came in 2007 with the CX-C Series arriving in 2013. Just two years later saw Case launch the Tier 4 Final D-Series crawler excavators with Stage V reached across the CX85D, CX90D and CX350D and above models. Check out the reduced radius models for working in urban environments - these are available from 14.5 to 25.8 tonnes. these are...

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Caterpillar Tracked Excavators (61)

When you have a range of tracked excavators as wide as Caterpillar does, it is unsurprising that their, 'small' crawler excavator range starts with an operating weight of 13.8 tonnes with the 313. This range extends to the mighty CAT 395 with an impressive operating weight of 94 tonnes and a maximum digging depth approaching ten metres. These uge machines do not play such a large role in the UK market - the most common CAT crawler excavators in the UK market weigh in at the 20-30 tonnes operating weight, like the CAT 320 or 330. If you need to work in tight areas, then check the model names...

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Doosan Tracked Excavators (45)

The Doosan crawler excavator range stars at an operating weight of 14.4 tonnes with the latest, 7th generation model using a 115hp version of Doosan's own diesel engine. Topping the range is the DX1000 with an operating weight of just under 100 tonnes, driven by a Perkins 2806, 629hp diesel engine. This range extends through a wide range including standard and 'LC'  versions with longer and wider undercarriages. All of the latest Doosan crawler excavator range meet stage V emissions standards - most of the range use Doosan's own engines, up to 35 tonnes, with the Scania DC09 and the Scania...

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Hitachi Tracked Excavators (102)

There are always plenty of Hitachi tracked excavators for sale at PlantPages. The Hitachi range of medium and large tracked  has been popular in the UK for decades with a huge range on offer - from 13 tonnes operating weight to a huge 360 tonne excavator. Marketing the range under the 'Zaxis' umbrella model range, the model numbers all start with a ZX.  As with other manufacturers of tracked excavators, the 'LC' appearing in the model name means that the machine has wider and longer tracks. The -6 or -7 refers to the generation of the machine (as of 2022 with is -7 for crawler excavators).

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JCB Tracked Excavators (62)

JCB usually compete with Hitachi for the position of most common tracked excavator for sale at PlantPages. This means you will usually find a great choice of used JCB tracked excavators for sale here. The JCB tracked excavator range starts at 11 tonnes - everything smaller, the company classes as compact, or mini-excavators.  Expect to find some machines from 8-11 tonnes here in the tracked excavator category as we don't include these in the mini- category. The top-weight machines go right up to 37 tonnes and have two ranges - teh JS (JZ for zero tail swing) and the new X Series. Most of the...

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Kobelco Tracked Excavators (42)

Kobelco manufacture a range of tracked excavators that are popular in the UK. These Japanese machines are famed for their reliability - the midi-sized excavators using Isuzu power with Hino (Toyota subsidiary) engines chosen for the top sized machines operating up to 85 tonnes. In the UK, excavators tend to be of a more sensible sizes, with the largest examples of Kobelco tracked excavators for sale at PlantPages would be the 50 tonne SK500 models. The most common weight range available is usually in the 30 to 35-tonne operating weight range with the SK300 and SK350. If you are looking for...

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Komatsu Tracked Excavators (66)

Since many of the Komatsu excavators bought in the UK were made in County Durham, the machines have a more home grown feel about them, helping to make them popular for UK buyers in the competitive crawler excavator market. Usually finding itself in the top three for tracked excavators for sale on the Plantpages website, Komatsu are a serious player in the market with their 'PC' ranges. With the range starting at 8 tonnes operating weight (Komatsu actually classes these as 'midi crawler excavators') and the main range topping out at 125 tonnes operating weight with the PC1250, (with mining...

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Kubota Tracked Excavators (38)

The top end of the weight range of the Kubota mini-diggers falls into our 'tracked excavator' category as, at 8 tonnes, they are above our 6 tonne mini-excavator limit. Kubota are one of the best selling brands in this weight range of tracked excavator and are well-known for their diesel engines - they are amongst the world's largest small diesel engine manufacturers. The Kubota KX080 is the model that falls into this category of midi-excavators.

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Volvo Tracked Excavators (61)

Volvo tracked excavators (or crawler excavators) have been part of the Volvo range of construction machinery since 1991 and haved proved to be highly popular in the UK market - especially the heavier end of the weight range. Volvo tracked excavator ranges use the model naming starting with 'EC'. The range is huge with the largest machines as much as 95 tonnes with buckets up to 7 cubic metres. Sharing engine technology with the Volvo Trucks division means that the reliability of these power units are legendary. If you are looking for a smaller Volvo excavator, check out the Volvo...

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Other Makes of Tracked Excavators