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Most Popular Makes of Double Drum Rollers

Bomag Double Drum Rollers (42)

Bomag make a series of double drum rollers that target specific applications. There are asphalt rollers that are available in a range of sizes starting from just 1.2 tonnes with the BW120 to 16 tonne articulated tandem rollers. For smaller tasks there is a range of light double drum compaction rollers - although Pant Pages will typically categorise these machines as 'Walk/Towed Rollers'. In the refuse compaction market, Bomag manufacturers double drum refuse rollers from 20 tonnes to 60 tonnes.

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Caterpillar Double Drum Rollers (4)

These are also known as Caterpillar tandem vibratory rollers - although that's a bit of a mouthful. In the UK we prefer twin or 'double drum rollers'. An important piece of compaction equipment, CAT double drum rollers are not the most common in the UK - there are plenty of other specialist manufacturers that feature more strongly in the used compactor market. The CAT model naming for the rollers begin usually with a 'CB' although some models have a 'CC' followed by the weight of the machine in tons. A CAT CB24 would therefore be around 2.4 tonnes operating weight.

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Other Makes of Double Drum Rollers