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1997 CAT 950F II Wheel Loaders
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Most Popular Makes of Wheeled Loaders

CASE Wheeled Loaders (25)

Case has been manufacturing wheel loaders for a long time - since 1958, in fact. Case manufactures two ranges of wheel loader - a compact and full size version. The current F-Series compact Case wheeled loaders range from 1.6 to 205 tonnes fork payload, whilst the heavier, current range G-Series loading shovel have tipping loads from 6340kg to a whopping 20,570kg. Looking at the compact range, 1992 saw an expansion of the range  with the 21B, 121B, 221B and 321B models. Tier 3 (EUIIIA) versions of the E-Series wheel loader hit the market in 2005 - the same time that the high speed travel...

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Caterpillar Wheeled Loaders (44)

Caterpillar make a wide range of wheel loaders for the UK market. They have proved highly popular over the years and the number of used CAT wheel loaders for sale at PlantPages usually outnumber all other manufacturers of loading shovels. In terms of model popularity, it is the CAT 930M with an operating weight of 14,235 kgs and power of 125kW that usually is the most common here at PlantPages. Most of the CAT wheeled loaders on sale are from Caterpillar's 'small' range with one or two of the medium range (950 models and above) appearing from time to time. Operators can distinguish the wheel...

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Doosan Wheeled Loaders (6)

Koran manufacturer, Doosan, make a range of wheel loaders from 12-35 tonnes operating weight. All models start with the letters 'DL' for Doosan Loader - the numbers represent the bucket capacity in cubic metres - the -5 or the -7 at the end indicates which generation of Doosan wheel loader the machine is. Starting the range at a bucket size of 2 cubic metres in -7 version, the 12 tonne DL200 uses a Perkins 1204 stage V engine and has a tipping load of over 10 tonnes.

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Hitachi Wheeled Loaders (1)

Although more famous for their excavator range, you should always find a number of Hitachi wheel loaders for sale at PlantPages UK. Using the 'ZW' model range, the model numbering relates to the power output of the engine in BHP. This means that a ZW220 is a 220hp version of the Hitachi wheeled loader. Nicknamed 'Hitachi Rubber Duck' as the wheel versions tend to wobble more than the tracked counterparts!

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JCB Wheeled Loaders (33)

As a hugely popular machinery manufacturer on the UK, you would expect there to be a wide choice of JCB wheel loaders (wheeled loaders) for sale at PlantPages - and you'd be right. JCB wheeled loaders are usually the most common brand of front end loader on the site. Launched back in 1969, JCB has had more than 50 years of experience of wheel loader manufacturing. Popular with farmers and waste management companies alike - there is a special 'Wastemaster' version and an 'Agri Farm Master' version - JCB loading  shovels, as they are also known, are identifiable by their '400' series model...

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Other Makes of Wheeled Loaders