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Most Popular Makes of Mini Excavators

Bobcat Mini Excavators (40)

Bobcat perform well in the UK - the smallest in their range for mini-digger sales. They have a broad range of excavators that start at an operating weight of 1138kg for their E08 micro excavator right up to the 10 tonne E100. These pages contain the used Bobcat mini excavators for sale, so we only list those up to 5.5 tonnes operating weight - check out our other pages for the large Bobcat tracked excavators for sale.  All Bobcat mini-diggers up to the E20Z have retractable undercarriages to make access to sites more straightforward - and can help with loading too. In the under one tonne...

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CASE Mini Excavators (6)

Case launched the replacement for the B Series mini-diggers in 2016 with their new CX-C range.  Case are not significant players in the UK mini-excavator  market, but there are always a number of used Case mini-excavators for sale advertised here. The current range of Case mini-diggers starts with the 1,770kg CX17C with a digging depth of 2350mm and extends to the CX60C at 5,980kg with a digging depth of 3990mm.

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Caterpillar Mini Excavators (20)

Not a major player in the UK market, thanks to Caterpillar's sheer size, you will always find a decent number of Caterpillar mini-excavators for sale in the UK at PlantPages. The CAT mini digger range starts at under a tonne operating weight with the 300.9 range and extends to 10 tonnes, but the models over 8 tonnes you will find in the CAT tracked excavator category here at PlantPages. The model numbering for the CAT mini-digger range is similar to the larger machines. They all start with a '3' for the 300 series.  The ending of the model number represents the weight of the machine in...

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Hitachi Mini Excavators (35)

Hitachi make a popular range of mini excavators for the UK market.  The Zaxis mini diggers are available with operating weights ranging from one tonne to 8.5 tonnes.  Here at PlantPages, we categorise the heavier of these models (over 6 tonnes) as 'tracked excavators' so will appear in that category. These pages are packed with used Hitachi mini diggers for sale from the one tonne ZX10U to the ZX55U range.

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JCB Mini Excavators (76)

JCB are almost as famous for their mini-diggers in the UK as they are for their famous backhoe loaders. This means that there are always lots of used JCB mini-diggers for sale at PlantPages. in fact there are usually more JCB mini-diggers for sale here than from any other manufacturer. JCB made their first 801 mini-excavator as far back as 1989, hitting the 100,000 units mark in 2016. Their current range starts at just 0.8 tonnes and goes to 10 tonnes - you may find some of the larger machines over 8 tonnes in our 'tracked excavators' category. Check out the model naming for conventional...

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Kobelco Mini Excavators (12)

The number of Kobelco mini excavators for sale at PlantPages regularly reaches the top five mini-diggers for sale in the UK used construction equipment market. The Kobelco range of mini excavators reaches from 0.8 tonnes up to 5.8 tonnes with the current model the SK58SRX-7. Whilst experts in the design and manufacture of mini diggers, the Japanese manufacturer relies on bought in Yanmar power units for the mini excavator range. The smallest models use the 2-cylinder 500cc Yanmar motor with an output of 7.7W whilst the largest models use the 2.2 litre Yanmar unit rated at 29.1kW.

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Komatsu Mini Excavators (8)

There is always a huge choice or Komatsu mini-diggers for sale at Plantpages. This popular range of tracked excavators are amongst the top favourites for buyers of smaller diggers. The operating weight for Komatsu mini-diggers ranges from 1 tonne to 5.3 tonnes, with digging depths of over 4 meters.

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Kubota Mini Excavators (180)

These pages are where you will find all the used Kubota mini-diggers for sale. So, we have to have a 'Kubota Excavators' pages, even though the company doesn't make the full-sized machines. The range that the company markets in the UK starts at 0.8 tonnes and goes up to their largest 8-tonne machine. Available as conventional machines or zero tail swing, there is a Kubota mini-excavator at practically every weight range. At last count the range of mini-diggers extended to some 20 models. The range is made up of models starting with 'U' for zero tail swing (instead of the more common 'Z') with...

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Takeuchi Mini Excavators (52)

Takeuchi's range of mini excavators are well-viewed on the Plant Pages website with always a strong selection to choose from . The Japanese manufacture has been operating in the UK since 1996 and their mini diggers have proved popular over the years. The Takeuchi mini diggers are all in the 'TB' range, starting with the 1-tonne TB2150 - which is also available as a diesel electric hybrid. The company markets no fewer than 20 models with operating weights from 1 tonne to 15.8 tonnes - this included the reduced tail swing variants (R or FR suffixes) and a wheeled version, the TB295W. Stage V...

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Other Makes of Mini Excavators