Ausa D1000 AP Site Dumpers for Sale (1)

Most Popular Makes of Site Dumpers

JCB Site Dumpers (95)

A common site on building sites and here on PlantPages, JCB Site Dumpers are always in demand. JCB manufactures Site Dumpers with payloads of 1 tonne, 3 tonnes, 6 tonnes, 7 tonnes and 9 tonnes - so a 1T has a payload of a tonne etc. Higher up the weight range, the site dumpers go from simple roll over protection bars (ROPS) to the option of a full cab (6T onwards). Check out the 'F' in the model name 7FT, for example. Check out the High Tip (HT in the model name) for those job that need that bit more reach. Other specials to look out for are the Hi Viz versions.

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Mecalac Site Dumpers (52)

French company bought the UK Terex construction business in 2017 and has now rebranded as Mecalac.  This means that there are now plenty of Mecalac site dumpers for sale at PlantPages. Some advertisers may call the older, Terex versions Mecalac and vice versa, so if you know the specific model you are looking for (say a TA9) then browse those listings to see all Mecalac site dumpers and the older models still branded Terex. Even older models under a different brand name again as Terex only bought the site dumper business from Benford in 1999 - so there are still some used Benford site...

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Terex Site Dumpers (66)

You won't find a Terex-branded site dumper for sale much after 2016 as the company and Coventry plant was sold to French business Mecalac in December of that year. The Terex site dumper brand arose after Terex's acquisition of the Irish Powerscreen Group in 1999 which had only owned the Benford site dumper brand for about 12 months. So, Terex site dumpers advertised for sale will be made in the period from 2000 until 2017 - after this time, search for Mecalac and prior to this search for Benford. Operators and dealers alike still get confused about the brand names for the dumpers - so maybe...

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Thwaites Site Dumpers (168)

It is rare for a company to specialise in one type of machine. Especially if that company is over 80 years old.  This is the case for Thwaites and their Leamington Spa factory where they have operated throughout their history. The company makes a range of site dumpers and that's it. This means that their attention to detail should be second to none and their products perfectly fitting the market. Looking at the brand's popularity in the used construction machinery market this would appear to be the case. Thwaites dumpers are head and shoulders above the other site dumper manufacturers in the...

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Other Makes of Site Dumpers