Develon (formerly known as Doosan have revealed a series of changes to their 14-tonne excavator. In addition to the obvious branding changes for the new machine, the company has made a series of additional improvements. The outgoing DX140LC-7  becomes the new Develon DX140LC-7K.

General Improvements

  • Better maintenance access
  • Better right-side visibility
  • Better rear visibility
  • Safer access to the upper structure
  • New dashboard with tablet design

 Additional Changes to the DX140LC-7K:

  • Fine swing function has been removed
  • Quick coupler line from rigid tubes to hoses
  • PTO (Power take-off) for rotation pump from the main pump to the engine
  • PE3C pedal changed from hydraulic to electric
  • After treatment optimization
  • Air prefilter has been moved for better performance and noise reduction
  • Different serial number
    • Previous model DX140LC-7 → CEBDT- xxxxxx
    • New model DX140LC-7K → CEBEY- xxxxxx

 The performance of the excavator and its working range remain the same as the outgoing model.

Dealers have been able to take orders from 23rd March. The first machines will be delivered from 23rd June.

Develon (Doosan) DX140LC-7K Tracked Excavator
Improvements include: Better maintenance access, Better right-side visibility, Better rear visibility, Safer access to the upper structure, New dashboard with tablet design