Caterpillar has recently updated its VisionLink Productivity web service, rolling out three innovative features: Cat Grade and Compact, Operator Coaching, and E-Ticketing. Aimed at providing managers with a comprehensive view of jobsite efficiency and machinery use, this integrated service is a scalable, cloud-based solution that aggregates and interprets data from any machine subscribed and fitted with a Cat Product Link™ device. This ensures a smooth integration of mixed OEM equipment fleets into a single, cohesive system.

The VisionLink Productivity platform streamlines data handling through intuitive dashboards, offering a full jobsite overview and detailed metrics for performance assessment. It processes standard telematics data—like equipment location, fuel consumption, and idle times—to deliver a transparent snapshot of machinery efficacy. Additionally, it delves deeper with advanced data from machines that have Cat Payload, Grade, and Compact systems, furnishing more granular, task-specific information.

Caterpillar VisionLink Productivity
Operator Coaching is a powerful tool that empowers operators of all experience levels to enhance their skills, efficiency, and productivity

Cat Grade and Compact

The platform has been augmented to include Cat Grade 3D and Cat Compact data within its comprehensive reporting suite. With Cat Grade Connectivity, it facilitates the direct distribution of 3D design files and updates across all jobsite machinery, bypassing the need for manual USB transfers. VisionLink Productivity also enhances precision with GNSS corrections for positional verification, offering a cost-effective alternative to the traditional base station setup for brief projects. This connectivity feature also cuts down on machine inactivity by obviating the necessity for onsite technician visits for Grade-related troubleshooting, thereby boosting jobsite efficiency.

Moreover, the Cat Compact feature’s summary dashboards provide daily work completion metrics and compute the volume of material filled, enhancing the monitoring and management of jobsite operations. Using the Cat Compaction Algorithm (CCA) or Landfill Compaction Algorithm (LCA), it will also show the percent of covered area at target compaction. Landfill material compaction density can be viewed when operators enter weights per day.

Operator Coaching

Operator Coaching is a powerful tool that empowers operators of all experience levels to enhance their skills, efficiency, and productivity. Two categories of operator coaching tips – Operating Efficiency and Machine Health – are tracked. During machine operation, the operator receives an onboard notification when an action with a corresponding tip is detected, putting them in the driver’s seat of their improvement journey. This helps to improve operational efficiency and increase machine longevity.

When paired with the offboard VisionLink Productivity, managers can remotely view what coaching tips their operators have activated. This enables site managers to track improvements over time and focus training on areas specific to the operator’s needs and overall operations. Dashboards, lists, and maps allow quick views of each coaching tip’s count, time, and location.

Cat Payload E-Ticketing

The new E-Ticketing feature brings convenience, eliminating the need for manual or printed tickets generated by onboard Cat Payload systems. Key personnel can now receive an electronic copy of the tickets via email, including detailed information on individual buckets, total payload, truck, and material type. Tickets can be quickly recalled using ID or number or filtering based on material type or truck name. Key performance indicators tracked by E-Ticketing include ticket count, average truck rate, pass count per ticket, and total ticket payload.