Develon, (previously Doosan) has launched the new DX140RDM-7, the latest addition to the company’s range of demolition excavators. Like the three larger models from 31 to 61 tonne, the new DX140RDM-7 22.5 tonne demolition excavator offers multiple configurations to choose from, providing the customer with a range of solutions depending on the project to be completed, including a multi-purpose version that can be used for other applications on site as well as demolition.

More Choice in the DX140RDM-7

Monolithic Variant

Choices include a ‘Monolithic’ variant unique to this model that features only a demolition arm without any possibility of interchangeability. Alternatively, like the larger machines, the DX140RDM-7 is also available in a dual format utilising a modular boom design and hydraulic lock mechanism, allowing the user to change between different arms for demolition and digging using the same machine.

In the fixed ‘Monolithic’ version of the new DX140RDM-7, the impressive working range allows the machine to work with a demolition attachment to a maximum height of 16m. The recommended maximum tool weight in this mode is 1450 kg. In common with the other models in the demolition excavator range, the DX140RDM-7 offers high visibility and a tiltable cab, particularly suited to high reach demolition applications and providing a 30 degree tilting angle.

Doosan DX140RDM-7 Demolition Excavator
The DX140RDM-7 has a hydraulically adjustable undercarriage, which extends to a maximum width of 3.7 m to provide optimum stability when working on demolition sites

Dual Purpose Version

In the dual purpose version of the DX140RDM-7, the pin height and maximum tool weight are 14m and 1450 kg, respectively (with a 2m extension as an option). All the components such as the undercarriage, the tilting cab and the shoes remain the same as in the fixed version, only the modular boom design and hydraulic lock mechanism are different, allowing the user to swap between the demolition and digging arms.

The design ensures it is a simple process to change between a demolition boom and an earthmoving boom to accomplish different types of work on the same project. A special stand is provided to facilitate the boom changing operation, which is based on quick-change hydraulic and mechanical coupler connections. A cylinder-based system is used to push the locking pins into place to help complete the procedure.

The multi-boom design also allows the earthmoving boom to be mounted in two different ways, which with the demolition boom, provides further flexibility with a total of three different configurations for the dual purpose base machine.

Hydraulically Adjustable Undercarriage

The DX140RDM-7 has a hydraulically adjustable undercarriage, which extends to a maximum width of 3.7 m to provide optimum stability when working on demolition sites. The width of the undercarriage can be retracted hydraulically to 2.5 m in the narrow width position, which is ideal for transporting the machine. The mechanism is based on a permanently lubricated, internal cylinder design which minimises resistance during the movement and helps to prevent damage to the components.

Like all Develon demolition excavators, standard safety features on the DX140RDM-7 include a FOGS cab guard, safety valves for the boom, intermediate boom and arm cylinders and a stability warning system.