Ammann ARX20 Tandem Roller

ADDED: June 30, 2022

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The Advantages of the Ammann ARX20 Tandem RollerCustomer input plays a crucial role in developing the features that are built into all Ammann products, including light tandem rollers. Those requests include a vibration- insulated operator's platform with intuitive controls and a system for smooth starts and stops on asphalt. A smart compaction system and easy serviceability also fulfil customer needs. Ammann ARX20: Design - Rubber mounted platform that limits vibration - Clear and simple layout of dashboard - Reliable, simple switches - Dashboard with integrated multifunctional display - Intuitive, ergonomic instrument panel - Tight turning radius - Fully adjustable and lateral-sliding seat and transversal seat adjustment on ARX23 ' ARX45 - Unobstructed view to drums - Compact design for easy loading - Foldable ROPS Ammann ARX20 ' Electronic Drive Lever - Offered only'by Ammann - Enables smooth starts and stops, especially on asphalt jobs - Especially important on asphalt jobs where smoothness is essential - 3 -position throttle lever ' 900rpm at low idle, 2100 at working speed and 2400 at high power Ammann ARX20 ' Additional Features & Benefits - Articulated steering concept with articulating oscillation joint - Double drive - Double vibration - Optimal drum diameter - Balanced weight front and rear - 2 frequencies with 2 centrifugal forces - Multiple water nozzles - Sprinkler water tank that lasts all shift - 2 scrapers per drum - Water-cooled diesel engine with long life, high performance and low maintenance - Combination model available, with rubber tyres in rear - Full flush (side-free) version enables edge work - Offset models increase compaction width Ammann ARX20 ' Serviceability - Reliable, long-life vibration system prevents downtime - Outside drain plugs for quick fluid changes - Bearings and central articulated joint lubricated for machine's life - Easy access to maintenance points, water filters and nozzles - Long...