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Most Popular Makes of Concrete Saw

Atlas Copco Compressors (28)

World leaders in air compressors, the Swedish Atlas Copco (from a Belgian acquisition in the 1950s Compagnie Pneumatique Commerciale - Pneumatic Company) it comes as no surprise that there are always plenty of Atlas Copco compressors advertised for sale at Plant Pages UK.

Although the company makes static compressors for installation in workshops and factories, most of the Atlas Copco compressors for sale here are the portable compressors that are towed behind a van or truck.

Starting at around 7 bar, the towed mobile compressor range goes up to a maximum of 14 bar - larger wheeled... Read More Info & View Atlas Copco Compressors for sale...>

CASE Backhoe Loaders (11)

Case backhoe loaders are highly popular worldwide - their lay joint claim to inventing the category in 1957 (alongside their greatest competitor in this market, JCB).

Already in 2005, Case had made more than half a million backhoe loaders.

Models from 2012 met the Tier 4 emission standards and the range extended in 2016 to include “In-Line cylinders” backhoe and “Straight-Loader arm” options.

The latest model - the SV Series is Stage V compliant and also introduced a brand new, wider cab with new interiors and console designs.  All three models in the SV range use the same... Read More Info & View CASE Backhoe Loaders for sale...>

CASE Mini Excavators (7)

Case launched the replacement for the B Series mini-diggers in 2016 with their new CX-C range.  Case are not significant players in the UK mini-excavator  market, but there are always a number of used Case mini-excavators for sale advertised here.

The current range of Case mini-diggers starts with the 1,770kg CX17C with a digging depth of 2350mm and extends to the CX60C at 5,980kg with a digging depth of 3990mm. Read More Info & View CASE Mini Excavators for sale...>

Case Skid Steer Loaders (30)

Case has been making skid steer loaders since as far back as 1969 with their 1530 uni-loader and has been selling the skid steers in wheel and tracked versions worldwide since.

check out post-2011 model years, as this was when Case lainched a brand new range of compact track loaders and skidsteers. Later in 2015 the Tier 4 Final (EU Stage IIIB) models were launched.

2017 saw the introduction of an upgraded engine on the 90hp models using SCR only (no EGR) - this coincided with Case making their 300,000th skid steer.

The current B Series range was launched in 2020 with a stage V... Read More Info & View Case Skid Steer Loaders for sale...>

CASE Tracked Dozers (3)

The latest range of Case tracked dozers is the M Series that replaced the L Series.

There are not hundreds of Case tracked dozers for sale in the UK compared to the larger numbers of CAT or Komatsu dozers, but there should always be a selection of used Case tracked dozers for sale on these pages. Read More Info & View CASE Tracked Dozers for sale...>

CASE Tracked Excavators (39)

Case crawler excavators have been around since the early 1990s when Case tied up with Japan's Sumitomo who manufactured a range from 7 to 80 tonnes.

The turn of the century saw the CX range launched - the B-Series (note the 'B' at the end of the model numbering) came in 2007 with the CX-C Series arriving in 2013.

Just two years later saw Case launch the Tier 4 Final D-Series crawler excavators with Stage V reached across the CX85D, CX90D and CX350D and above models.

Check out the reduced radius models for working in urban environments - these are available from 14.5 to 25.8 tonnes.... Read More Info & View CASE Tracked Excavators for sale...>

CASE Wheeled Excavators (4)

Case market the WX-Series of wheeled excavators ranging from the 99hp, 10 tonne WX95 to the 173hp 23,100kg WX240.

Wheeled excavators is a small category which means that there is never a great choice for any brand in the UK market. If you are looking for a used Case wheeled excavator and you find one for sale on these pages - go and buy it! Read More Info & View CASE Wheeled Excavators for sale...>

CASE Wheeled Loaders (8)

Case has been manufacturing wheel loaders for a long time - since 1958, in fact. Case manufactures two ranges of wheel loader - a compact and full size version.

The current F-Series compact Case wheeled loaders range from 1.6 to 205 tonnes fork payload, whilst the heavier, current range G-Series loading shovel have tipping loads from 6340kg to a whopping 20,570kg.

Looking at the compact range, 1992 saw an expansion of the range  with the 21B, 121B, 221B and 321B models. Tier 3 (EUIIIA) versions of the E-Series wheel loader hit the market in 2005 - the same time that the high speed... Read More Info & View CASE Wheeled Loaders for sale...>

Caterpillar Articulated Dump Trucks (6)

Only making Caterpillar-branded ADTs since 1996, CAT is a relative newcomer to the Articulated Dump Truck market that is claimed originated in Scandinavia.

Caterpillar acquired the UK's DJB Engineering as a shortcut into the market and still manufacture the seven variants of the CAT ADT in the North East today.

As a locally manufactured machine, there are always a healthy number of Caterpillar articulated dump trucks for sale on these PlantPages - they have to compete with specialists Bell and the 'inventors' Volvo CE.

You can spot the CAT ADTs from the model numbers - they all start... Read More Info & View Caterpillar Articulated Dump Trucks for sale...>

Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders (3)

It is hard - even for the likes of Caterpillar - to get a foothold in the UK backhoe loader market when it is dominated by JCB.

Despite this, there are usually some listings for Caterpillar backhoe loaders for sale here at PlantPages. The machines themselves are assembled right here in Leicestershire and exported all over the world.

You can tell a CAT backhoe  from the model numbers easily enough.  They all start with a '4' as in 400 series.

Prior to the removal of the 'generation' letters from the end of the model numbers, the last were the 'F' series.  This means that there will... Read More Info & View Caterpillar Backhoe Loaders for sale...>

Caterpillar Diesel Forklifts (10)

Most of the forklifts sold by Caterpillar in the UK are diesel powered. The company does make electric versions, but the

CAT lift Trucks have been sold though the Impact Handling dealer network, which has been the exclusive dealer since 2010.

The diesel counterbalance forklift trucks (as opposed to the telehandler variety) are available with capacities that range from 2 to 10 tonnes.

The latest DP models are equipped with Euro Stage V diesel engines with low emissions and excellent fuel consumption. The model number determines the capacity of the lift truck, so the DP20N is a 2 tonne... Read More Info & View Caterpillar Diesel Forklifts for sale...>

Caterpillar Double Drum Rollers (2)

These are also known as Caterpillar tandem vibratory rollers - although that's a bit of a mouthful. In the UK we prefer twin or 'double drum rollers'.

An important piece of compaction equipment, CAT double drum rollers are not the most common in the UK - there are plenty of other specialist manufacturers that feature more strongly in the used compactor market.

The CAT model naming for the rollers begin usually with a 'CB' although some models have a 'CC' followed by the weight of the machine in tons.

A CAT CB24 would therefore be around 2.4 tonnes operating weight. Read More Info & View Caterpillar Double Drum Rollers for sale...>

Caterpillar LPG Forklifts (3)

Caterpillar LPG forklifts are less popular than their diesel counterparts in the UK. The current model range is smaller with the range starting at the GP15N - a 1.5 tonne lift truck with the GCT GK21E LP Gas engine with the small range finishing with the GP35N using the same LPG engine.

The larger sized LPG CAT Lift trucks start at 4 tonnes increasing to the GP55N - all trucks using the liquid petroleum gas powered GCT GK45 engines Read More Info & View Caterpillar LPG Forklifts for sale...>

Caterpillar Mini Excavators (20)

Not a major player in the UK market, thanks to Caterpillar's sheer size, you will always find a decent number of Caterpillar mini-excavators for sale in the UK at PlantPages.

The CAT mini digger range starts at under a tonne operating weight with the 300.9 range and extends to 10 tonnes, but the models over 8 tonnes you will find in the CAT tracked excavator category here at PlantPages.

The model numbering for the CAT mini-digger range is similar to the larger machines. They all start with a '3' for the 300 series.  The ending of the model number represents the weight of the machine in... Read More Info & View Caterpillar Mini Excavators for sale...>

Caterpillar Motor Graders (10)

As far as the UK market is concerned, Caterpillar is the king of motor graders. There are more CAT motor graders for sale here at PlantPages than from any other manufacturer.

Caterpillar lay claim to inventing the standalone motor grader, (as opposed to a tractor and frame arrangement) in 1931 after acquiring grader manufacturer Russell.

In the current range, there is a surprising number of models to choose from.  The smaller CAT motor graders will have model numbers such as 120M2 or 140M - these will have operating weights between 16 and 21 tonnes. The larger graders have shorter... Read More Info & View Caterpillar Motor Graders for sale...>

Caterpillar Skid Steer Loaders (1)

Although not common, you should always find a few Caterpillar skid steer loaders for sale here at PlantPages. Remember to check here for both the compact track loaders, as well as the wheeled, skid steer loaders.

Even Caterpillar group the track version with the skid steer machines - as with the larger loaders, you can usually distinguish by model number alone - the compact track  loaders have odd numbers and the wheel version have even model numbers, For example, the 236 (skid steer) vs the 239 (tracked). Read More Info & View Caterpillar Skid Steer Loaders for sale...>

Caterpillar Static Generators (7)

Caterpillar make a huge range of 48+ static generators for sale in the UK.

The CAT XQP range of generators are called mobile generator sets by Caterpillar, but here at PlantPages, unless you can carry it or it has wheels then it belongs here in the static category.

Of all the models available, nearly all are powered by diesel with just a few natural gas versions available. These CAT diesel generator sets start at a maximum rating of 9.5kVA and increase to over 2000 kVA  that's a lot of power. Read More Info & View Caterpillar Static Generators for sale...>

Caterpillar Telehandlers (5)

There are more popular brands of telehandlers in the UK than the range built by and for Caterpillar - but you should find a number of CAT telehandlers for sale on these pages.

the model range all starts with TH for 'Telescopic Handler' or telehandler as we call them in the UK. The current range is a 'D' series with a load capacity of around 3.5 tonnes for the TH300 series or 4 tonnes for the TH400 series.

Older versions of the TH500 series were available with a 5 tonne load capacity.

Caterpillar also manufacture agri special models of telehandler. Read More Info & View Caterpillar Telehandlers for sale...>

Caterpillar Tracked Dozers (31)

Caterpillar have been making dozers fitted with their own blades for over 75 years - the anniversary was in 2020.  This means that there are always tonnes of used crawler dozers for sale at PlantPages in the UK.

The dozer is actually the blade that is attached to the machine that we all call a 'dozer' or 'Bulldozer'.

The current model lineup of CAT dozers are small (D1-D3), medium (D4-D7 and the large dozers (D8-D11).

In the UK market, the most popular sized CAT dozer is the D6 with an operating weight of around 23 tonnes.

Since 2017, CAT have changed the way they number their... Read More Info & View Caterpillar Tracked Dozers for sale...>

Caterpillar Tracked Excavators (43)

When you have a range of tracked excavators as wide as Caterpillar does, it is unsurprising that their, 'small' crawler excavator range starts with an operating weight of 13.8 tonnes with the 313. This range extends to the mighty CAT 395 with an impressive operating weight of 94 tonnes and a maximum digging depth approaching ten metres.

These uge machines do not play such a large role in the UK market - the most common CAT crawler excavators in the UK market weigh in at the 20-30 tonnes operating weight, like the CAT 320 or 330.

If you need to work in tight areas, then check the model... Read More Info & View Caterpillar Tracked Excavators for sale...>

Caterpillar Tracked Loaders (5)

As you would expect, Caterpillar are king of the used track loader market in the UK - they are certainly the most popular here at PlantPages.

The tracked versions of loaders are (usually) distinguished by an odd model number - for example the 963 as opposed to a 962 for the wheeled version. Obviously the easiest way to tell is if the machine has caterpillar tracks - but you may not always have a picture of the machine.

There's usually no great range of models available, operators tend to choose from the 15,600 kgs 953 or the larger, 20,350 kgs 963 models.

There is usually some... Read More Info & View Caterpillar Tracked Loaders for sale...>

Caterpillar Wheeled Dozers (1)

Although nowhere near as popular as the crawler variety of dozer, you should still find the odd Caterpillar wheel dozer for sale at Plant Pages.

All modes start with an '8' from the 824 to the 854 (current model lineup lettering is 'K').

These are big units, with the smallest operating weight at 34 tonnes, rising up to over 100 tonnes for the 854.

CAT wheel dozers are typically used in surface mining, cleanup, road maintenance and jobs where travel between sites is important. Read More Info & View Caterpillar Wheeled Dozers for sale...>

Caterpillar Wheeled Loaders (30)

Caterpillar make a wide range of wheel loaders for the UK market. They have proved highly popular over the years and the number of used CAT wheel loaders for sale at PlantPages usually outnumber all other manufacturers of loading shovels.

In terms of model popularity, it is the CAT 930M with an operating weight of 14,235 kgs and power of 125kW that usually is the most common here at PlantPages. Most of the CAT wheeled loaders on sale are from Caterpillar's 'small' range with one or two of the medium range (950 models and above) appearing from time to time.

Operators can distinguish the... Read More Info & View Caterpillar Wheeled Loaders for sale...>

Doosan Tracked Excavators (62)

The Doosan crawler excavator range stars at an operating weight of 14.4 tonnes with the latest, 7th generation model using a 115hp version of Doosan's own diesel engine.

Topping the range is the DX1000 with an operating weight of just under 100 tonnes, driven by a Perkins 2806, 629hp diesel engine.

This range extends through a wide range including standard and 'LC'  versions with longer and wider undercarriages. All of the latest Doosan crawler excavator range meet stage V emissions standards - most of the range use Doosan's own engines, up to 35 tonnes, with the Scania DC09 and the... Read More Info & View Doosan Tracked Excavators for sale...>

Doosan Wheeled Excavators (9)

The Doosan wheel excavator range is also marketed under the same 'DX' naming as the tracked version, but check the model numbering carefully for the 'W' denoting the wheeled rubber duck version.

As you would expect, the wheeled range of excavators is far narrower that the more popular tracked equivalent with Doosan making models from 10,000kgs operating weight to a maximum of just under 22 tonnes.

The materials handling models can be distinguished by the WMH in the model name (Wheel Material Handler) which are available in 23,700 and 24,900 kgs versions. Read More Info & View Doosan Wheeled Excavators for sale...>

Doosan Wheeled Loaders (11)

Koran manufacturer, Doosan, make a range of wheel loaders from 12-35 tonnes operating weight.

All models start with the letters 'DL' for Doosan Loader - the numbers represent the bucket capacity in cubic metres - the -5 or the -7 at the end indicates which generation of Doosan wheel loader the machine is.

Starting the range at a bucket size of 2 cubic metres in -7 version, the 12 tonne DL200 uses a Perkins 1204 stage V engine and has a tipping load of over 10 tonnes. Read More Info & View Doosan Wheeled Loaders for sale...>

Hitachi Mini Excavators (31)

Hitachi make a popular range of mini excavators for the UK market.  The Zaxis mini diggers are available with operating weights ranging from one tonne to 8.5 tonnes.  Here at PlantPages, we categorise the heavier of these models (over 6 tonnes) as 'tracked excavators' so will appear in that category.

These pages are packed with used Hitachi mini diggers for sale from the one tonne ZX10U to the ZX55U range. Read More Info & View Hitachi Mini Excavators for sale...>

Hitachi Tracked Excavators (72)

There are always plenty of Hitachi tracked excavators for sale at PlantPages. The Hitachi range of medium and large tracked  has been popular in the UK for decades with a huge range on offer - from 13 tonnes operating weight to a huge 360 tonne excavator.

Marketing the range under the 'Zaxis' umbrella model range, the model numbers all start with a ZX.  As with other manufacturers of tracked excavators, the 'LC' appearing in the model name means that the machine has wider and longer tracks. The -6 or -7 refers to the generation of the machine (as of 2022 with is -7 for crawler... Read More Info & View Hitachi Tracked Excavators for sale...>

Hitachi Wheeled Excavators (4)

As experts in excavator manufacturing, Hitachi make a full range, including wheeled excavators.

Although not as popular as the tracked versions, the wheeled versions can be distinguished by model numbers as they all have the 'W' after the operating weight in the model.

The ZX140W-3 has to be a wheeled version - typically used in on road or rail applications and in the waste industry. Read More Info & View Hitachi Wheeled Excavators for sale...>

Hitachi Wheeled Loaders (4)

Although more famous for their excavator range, you should always find a number of Hitachi wheel loaders for sale at PlantPages UK.

Using the 'ZW' model range, the model numbering relates to the power output of the engine in BHP. This means that a ZW220 is a 220hp version of the Hitachi wheeled loader. Read More Info & View Hitachi Wheeled Loaders for sale...>

JCB Backhoe Loaders (47)

JCB are the world's largest manufacturer of backhoe loaders - many are made in the UK, but the company also has a huge backhoe loader factory in India.

Inventors of the backhoe loader in the 1950's, JCB have remained the number one choice for site operators in the UK even though they have started to call them 'Excavator Loaders'.

The popular 3CX backhoe has been in production for more than 40 years and is still going strong today. Read more about the history and current model lineup below. Read More Info & View JCB Backhoe Loaders for sale...>

JCB Mini Excavators (62)

JCB are almost as famous for their mini-diggers in the UK as they are for their famous backhoe loaders. This means that there are always lots of used JCB mini-diggers for sale at PlantPages. in fact there are usually more JCB mini-diggers for sale here than from any other manufacturer.

JCB made their first 801 mini-excavator as far back as 1989, hitting the 100,000 units mark in 2016.

Their current range starts at just 0.8 tonnes and goes to 10 tonnes - you may find some of the larger machines over 8 tonnes in our 'tracked excavators' category.

Check out the model naming for... Read More Info & View JCB Mini Excavators for sale...>

JCB Site Dumpers (18)

A common site on building sites and here on PlantPages, JCB Site Dumpers are always in demand.

JCB manufactures Site Dumpers with payloads of 1 tonne, 3 tonnes, 6 tonnes, 7 tonnes and 9 tonnes - so a 1T has a payload of a tonne etc.

Higher up the weight range, the site dumpers go from simple roll over protection bars (ROPS) to the option of a full cab (6T onwards). Check out the 'F' in the model name 7FT, for example.

Check out the High Tip (HT in the model name) for those job that need that bit more reach.

Other specials to look out for are the Hi Viz versions. Read More Info & View JCB Site Dumpers for sale...>

JCB Telehandlers (104)

JCB Telehandlers have been on sale in the UK since launch back in 1977 with the JCB 520 telescopic handler.  This is the precursor to the Loadall range of telehandlers from JCB.

There have been many models of JCB telehandler over the years, with the 525 appearing in 1979 - just two years after the initial launch.

JCB make the bold claim that the Loadall range is the world's best selling telehandler. Read More Info & View JCB Telehandlers for sale...>

JCB Tracked Excavators (81)

JCB usually compete with Hitachi for the position of most common tracked excavator for sale at PlantPages. This means you will usually find a great choice of used JCB tracked excavators for sale here.

The JCB tracked excavator range starts at 11 tonnes - everything smaller, the company classes as compact, or mini-excavators.  Expect to find some machines from 8-11 tonnes here in the tracked excavator category as we don't include these in the mini- category.

The top-weight machines go right up to 37 tonnes and have two ranges - teh JS (JZ for zero tail swing) and the new X Series. Most... Read More Info & View JCB Tracked Excavators for sale...>

JCB Wheeled Loaders (10)

As a hugely popular machinery manufacturer on the UK, you would expect there to be a wide choice of JCB wheel loaders (wheeled loaders) for sale at PlantPages - and you'd be right.

JCB wheeled loaders are usually the most common brand of front end loader on the site. Launched back in 1969, JCB has had more than 50 years of experience of wheel loader manufacturing.

Popular with farmers and waste management companies alike - there is a special 'Wastemaster' version and an 'Agri Farm Master' version - JCB loading  shovels, as they are also known, are identifiable by their '400' series... Read More Info & View JCB Wheeled Loaders for sale...>

Kobelco Crawler Cranes (5)

Kobelco’s CKE series of crawler cranes has six variants in the current lineup (for European market). The operating weight ranges from 80 tonnes and 3 metre radius with the CKE800G-3 to 300 tonnes and a 5.5 metre radius with the CKE3000G-2.  These cranes can be configured and adapted for a wide range of applications and is particularly suited to general civil engineering, foundation and construction work, and also clamshell, foundation (piling, hydraulic/mechanical diaphragm wall bucket),  dragline work and heavy-duty erection applications as found in the power and petrochemical... Read More Info & View Kobelco Crawler Cranes for sale...>

Kobelco Mini Excavators (14)

The number of Kobelco mini excavators for sale at PlantPages regularly reaches the top five mini-diggers for sale in the UK used construction equipment market.

The Kobelco range of mini excavators reaches from 0.8 tonnes up to 5.8 tonnes with the current model the SK58SRX-7.

Whilst experts in the design and manufacture of mini diggers, the Japanese manufacturer relies on bought in Yanmar power units for the mini excavator range. The smallest models use the 2-cylinder 500cc Yanmar motor with an output of 7.7W whilst the largest models use the 2.2 litre Yanmar unit rated at 29.1kW. Read More Info & View Kobelco Mini Excavators for sale...>

Kobelco Tracked Excavators (23)

Kobelco manufacture a range of tracked excavators that are popular in the UK. These Japanese machines are famed for their reliability - the midi-sized excavators using Isuzu power with Hino (Toyota subsidiary) engines chosen for the top sized machines operating up to 85 tonnes.

In the UK, excavators tend to be of a more sensible sizes, with the largest examples of Kobelco tracked excavators for sale at PlantPages would be the 50 tonne SK500 models. The most common weight range available is usually in the 30 to 35-tonne operating weight range with the SK300 and SK350.

If you are looking... Read More Info & View Kobelco Tracked Excavators for sale...>

Komatsu Mini Excavators (30)

There is always a huge choice or Komatsu mini-diggers for sale at Plantpages. This popular range of tracked excavators are amongst the top favourites for buyers of smaller diggers.

The operating weight for Komatsu mini-diggers ranges from 1 tonne to 5.3 tonnes, with digging depths of over 4 meters.

  Read More Info & View Komatsu Mini Excavators for sale...>

Komatsu Tracked Excavators (55)

Since many of the Komatsu excavators bought in the UK were made in County Durham, the machines have a more home grown feel about them, helping to make them popular for UK buyers in the competitive crawler excavator market.

Usually finding itself in the top three for tracked excavators for sale on the Plantpages website, Komatsu are a serious player in the market with their 'PC' ranges.

With the range starting at 8 tonnes operating weight (Komatsu actually classes these as 'midi crawler excavators') and the main range topping out at 125 tonnes operating weight with the PC1250, (with... Read More Info & View Komatsu Tracked Excavators for sale...>

Kubota Mini Excavators (103)

These pages are where you will find all the used Kubota mini-diggers for sale. So, we have to have a 'Kubota Excavators' pages, even though the company doesn't make the full-sized machines.

The range that the company markets in the UK starts at 0.8 tonnes and goes up to their largest 8-tonne machine.

Available as conventional machines or zero tail swing, there is a Kubota mini-excavator at practically every weight range. At last count the range of mini-diggers extended to some 20 models.

The range is made up of models starting with 'U' for zero tail swing (instead of the more common... Read More Info & View Kubota Mini Excavators for sale...>

Kubota Tracked Dumpers (0)

Kubota market a range of stand-on pedestrian tracked dumpers and larger, ride-on versions with ROPS, and payloads of 2.75 tonnes.

These seated Kubota tracked dumpers can unload in both directions, both forwards and sideways.

These are specialist machines and therefore relatively rare in the UK used construction equipment market - especially when compared to the range of mini-diggers that Kubota is famous for. Read More Info & View Kubota Tracked Dumpers for sale...>

Kubota Tracked Excavators (18)

The top end of the weight range of the Kubota mini-diggers falls into our 'tracked excavator' category as, at 8 tonnes, they are above our 6 tonne mini-excavator limit.

Kubota are one of the best selling brands in this weight range of tracked excavator and are well-known for their diesel engines - they are amongst the world's largest small diesel engine manufacturers.

The Kubota KX080 is the model that falls into this category of midi-excavators. Read More Info & View Kubota Tracked Excavators for sale...>

Mecalac Backhoe Loaders (7)

Mecalac Backhoe loaders came about after the acquisition by the French company of the UK business of Terex in 2017. This is why you will see the model numbers are very similar to the earlier Terex models - TLB (Terex Loader Backhoe - the Americans say it back to front).

Not overly popular in the UK where JCB rule the backhoe market, there are nonetheless usually a few good examples of used Mecalac backhoe loaders for sale at PlantPages. Read More Info & View Mecalac Backhoe Loaders for sale...>

Mecalac Site Dumpers (23)

French company bought the UK Terex construction business in 2017 and has now rebranded as Mecalac.  This means that there are now plenty of Mecalac site dumpers for sale at PlantPages.

Some advertisers may call the older, Terex versions Mecalac and vice versa, so if you know the specific model you are looking for (say a TA9) then browse those listings to see all Mecalac site dumpers and the older models still branded Terex.

Even older models under a different brand name again as Terex only bought the site dumper business from Benford in 1999 - so there are still some used Benford site... Read More Info & View Mecalac Site Dumpers for sale...>

Merlo Telehandlers (52)

Merlo have a very confusing model numbering system for its telehandler range.

There are Turbofarmer versions (TF), plus Panoramic versions (although hardly ever called that - simply a 'P' at the front of the model as in the P35.11 (the numbers all represent the lift capacity - here 3.5 tonnes and lift height - here 11 meters).

In addition there is the more tractor-like MultiFarmer versions (MF)  Finally there are the rotating telehandlers caller the 'ROTO'.

Finally there are models with no letter starting but followed with a 'G' - your guess is as good as ours, but they all form... Read More Info & View Merlo Telehandlers for sale...>

Morooka Tracked Dumpers (27)

Japanese manufacturer Morooka usually have the most tracked dumpers for sale here at PlantPages. This specialist manufacturer has been making these rugged dumpers since the 1970s.

The range of Morooka tracked carriers is the widest available in the industry with models ranging from payloads of just 2.5 tonnes right up to an impressive 11 tonne capacity.

The rubber tracks mean that the Morooka machines have excellent traction and are easy on the landscape as they have low ground pressure. Using a hydrostatic transmission, the Morooka dumpers have o gear controls or clutch, making the... Read More Info & View Morooka Tracked Dumpers for sale...>

Terex Site Dumpers (51)

You won't find a Terex-branded site dumper for sale much after 2016 as the company and Coventry plant was sold to French business Mecalac in December of that year.

The Terex site dumper brand arose after Terex's acquisition of the Irish Powerscreen Group in 1999 which had only owned the Benford site dumper brand for about 12 months.

So, Terex site dumpers advertised for sale will be made in the period from 2000 until 2017 - after this time, search for Mecalac and prior to this search for Benford.

Operators and dealers alike still get confused about the brand names for the dumpers -... Read More Info & View Terex Site Dumpers for sale...>

Thwaites Site Dumpers (111)

It is rare for a company to specialise in one type of machine. Especially if that company is over 80 years old.  This is the case for Thwaites and their Leamington Spa factory where they have operated throughout their history.

The company makes a range of site dumpers and that's it.

This means that their attention to detail should be second to none and their products perfectly fitting the market. Looking at the brand's popularity in the used construction machinery market this would appear to be the case.

Thwaites dumpers are head and shoulders above the other site dumper... Read More Info & View Thwaites Site Dumpers for sale...>

Volvo Tracked Excavators (51)

Volvo tracked excavators (or crawler excavators) have been part of the Volvo range of construction machinery since 1991 and haved proved to be highly popular in the UK market - especially the heavier end of the weight range.

Volvo tracked excavator ranges use the model naming starting with 'EC'. The range is huge with the largest machines as much as 95 tonnes with buckets up to 7 cubic metres.

Sharing engine technology with the Volvo Trucks division means that the reliability of these power units are legendary.

If you are looking for a smaller Volvo excavator, check out the Volvo... Read More Info & View Volvo Tracked Excavators for sale...>

Yanmar Tracked Dumpers (10)

One of the more popular manufacturers for the UK market, you will always find a decent number of Yanmar tracked dumpers for sale at PlantPages.

The Yanmar tracked carriers range starts with the smallest pedestrian walk behind (actually stand-on) with payloads of around 800kgs  with the larger models with cabins and payloads of over 3.5 tonnes.

Yanmar are famous for their engines, so you know that their tracked dumper should be reliable and packed with innovative features.

360 degree turning and a fully reversible seat console and controls means that the operator should always face... Read More Info & View Yanmar Tracked Dumpers for sale...>

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