ADDED: June 30, 2022

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Ashland Scrapers

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ASHLAND 50CS Full inspection sheets available at the Red Bull website - click the dealer logo on the right to view the dealer's contact details.
The 50CS scraper is simple to operate, while retaining all the functions of a full-sized scraper. The entire bowl moves within the mainframe by means of a heavy-duty actuating frame & linkage system. Allowing the operator complete control with one hydraulic remote.

Swivel Hitch:
This 5 cubic yard unit will feature the popular Ashland bolt-on swivel hitch. A custom fabricated double-lip design is stronger than any cast coupler or pintle hitch. Offering more strength than any other off-the-shelf hitch typically seen in this class of scraper. Offering up to 7.5' of cut depth with the drawbar set to 18'.

The bowl is formed from high grade steel with a top lip to help reduce boil-over. Performing the whole process of cut, carry, and dump, this bowl is built to last. Engineered for top loading, grading, stripping sod, and landscape projects. With a 33 degree dump angle, you can place dirt right where it's needed.

All Ashland frames consist of an amalgamation of plate steel and tubing. Our small-sized units have added heft where it's needed most. Multiple pieces are adjustable so the machine can be tuned to your exact needs.

Ashland not only increased the thickness of steel but improved the yield strength by nearly 30%. Making this machine just as durable as the rest of the Ashland line. Including our bolt-on style blades for ease of maintenance. You can put this scraper in the toughest conditions and be confident doing so year after year.

Wheel System:
With the capacity of a small wheel loader, the 50CS transforms your tractor into a mass mover. Standard 16.5 x 16.1 tires, heavy duty spindles, and high capacity 8-bolt hubs allow you to smoothly carry loads at speed over greater distance. With 36% weight transfer to the tractor, you will have an easier ride.
The spindles...