2022 ASHLAND 2012CS

ADDED: June 30, 2022

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Ashland Scrapers

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ASHLAND 2012CS Full inspection sheets available at the Red Bull website - click the dealer logo on the right to view the dealer's contact details.
Hitch System:
By running your tractors drawbar pin horizontally thru the hitch's two ears, your scraper can be mounted closer to the tractors rear axle, which helps keep the front of MFWD tractor weighed down. The drawbars vertical pin is mounted 22' behind the horizontal drawbar pin, which provides you with a superior turning radius.
Over engineered with higher strength material and additional support gussets. Heavy steel bulk head and ridged hose stand keep hydraulic lines safe and secure.

Front Section:
The Pole is box built with an internal skeleton vs. formed halves to increase rigidity. Supports wrap around the front Pole to meet up with the side frame. The combination of vertical depth of frame of the Pole, mainframe pipe, trailing arms, and the use of much higher strength steel ensures the maximum production. All of this, while reducing costly downtime from difficult to repair major frame failures. The bolt-together modular flange design adds to the package and even makes shipping easier.

Hydraulic Valve:
The valve assembly functions on a dual cartridge system, using two Counter Balance Valves similar to our Dolly-Pole and Direct Mount scrapers. And it's already setup to pull the scrapers in tandem ' a benefit for real earthmovers.

The gate pivot assembly features robust 360 degree welded bosses, which supports larger pins that are greasible from the outside, providing maximum strength and support. A massive 6.5? x 16? Apron cylinder connects to the Front Section ' fully friction welded eye and nitrobar rod makes this thing indestructible.
The 2012CS has a spacious opening for material to be quickly and easily dumped out when needed. The side of Ashland Aprons have a close tolerance to the Bowl wiper walls. And with a cast steel hinge pivot, nothing will break through.