2022 ASHLAND 175XL2

ADDED: June 30, 2022

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Ashland Scrapers

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ASHLAND 175XL2 Full inspection sheets available at the Red Bull website - click the dealer logo on the right to view the dealer's contact details.
Extending the Pole length increases clearance between the tractor and Front Section on tight turns. And all Ashland Pole hitches are made by inserting a steel thrust block into the neck of a steel, 'C' shaped plate. The yoke system and thrust collar are then placed in their correct positions to be welded 360 degrees around. This design gives Ashland scrapers a full range of motion from the hitch and maximum potential pull-through to the back side of the Pole or the spindle base plate.

Socket System:
The new Control Ball & Socket System creates a perfect link between Gooseneck and Dolly-Pole. After 60 years of Ashland's cast socket halves, we have developed an adjustable socket system. Machined from a solid billet of steel, it guarantees a precision fit at all times while improving the greasing characteristics of the system. As the joint between the ball & socket begins to wear, simply remove shims as needed to tighten the fit on the 5.5? ball.

Front Section:
The overall effectiveness of a scraper starts with the Front Section. You'll notice that Ashland scrapers have a long Gooseneck design that secures to the Front Section pipe. No square tubing here. More importantly, this design allows the dolly wheels to have a greater range of motion to keep the wheels farther away from the 'fall zone' and avoid interference with the ejection process. All supported by friction welded 5? x 20? vertically mounted lift cylinders with a nitro-bar rod.

Front Pipe:
Round structures, such as the heavy wall pipe that Ashland uses in its Front Section, handle torsional loads (twisting loads) much better than square or rectangle tubing. With rounded pipe, the stress of your load is displaced around the entire circumference of the structure ' with any other style, stress is amplified in the corners and seams....