2022 ASHLAND 155TS2

ADDED: June 30, 2022

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Ashland Scrapers

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ASHLAND 155TS2 Full inspection sheets available at the Red Bull website - click the dealer logo on the right to view the dealer's contact details.
Hitch System:
By running your tractors drawbar pin horizontally thru the hitch's two ears, your scraper can be mounted closer to the tractors rear axle, which helps keep the front of MFWD tractor weighed down. The drawbars vertical pin is mounted 22' behind the horizontal drawbar pin, which provides you with a superior turning radius.

Front Section:
Vertically mounted 5? x 20? trunnion mount cylinders are attached directly over the blade set. These cylinders are mounted in a nearly vertical position so that when the operator retracts the cylinder one inch, the blade moves one inch. This enables you to maintain greater control of engine RPMs and ground speed. By moving faster the dirt continues to 'boil,' developing bigger and quicker loads.
The long, tapered length of the Pole is secured direct to the front pipe. The tapered trailing arm has excellent depth of frame near the front pipe to reduce failure at the corners. And with an elevated Front Section pipe, operators can take advantage of unmatched visibility and greater clearance while loading piles or in areas with heavy debris such as tall grass or brush.

Front Pipe:
Round structures, such as the heavy wall pipe that Ashland uses in its Front Section, handle torsional loads (twisting loads) much better than square or rectangle tubing. With rounded pipe, the stress of your load is displaced around the entire circumference of the structure ' with any other style, stress is amplified in the corners and seams. Concentrated stress can cause the tubing to fail in these areas, making our Front Section pipe a superior design.

The 155TS2 scraper has a spacious 62' front opening for material to easily fall forward and be leveled out by the blade while ejecting. Uses big 4' x 13' hydraulic cylinders for maximum clamping force. The side of Ashland...